vijay-devarakonda-puri-jagannadhVijay Deverakonda and Puri Jagannadh came together for recent release, Liger. They aggressively promoted the film ahead of its release, but it ended up as a box office disaster.

Cut to now, Puri has opened up about Liger’s failure for the first time after its release.

In an Instagram live session with Chiranjeevi, Puri said “We worked on Liger for three years. I enjoyed every bit of the production process. We erected huge sets, shot with Mike Tyson. The result wasn’t good, but that’s not in our hands. I enjoyed the process” Puri said.

Vijay’s fans are now fuming at Puri for his causal take on Liger’s failure.

“Vijay is distraught with Liger’s debacle. He was so very hopeful about the project. He gave three years of his peak time to Puri and he wasted it in the worst possible way. He couldn’t even speak his heart out (referring to Vijay’s humbled speech at SIIMA event), such was the degree of Liger’s damage. Now, Puri is taking it lightly and is so very casual about the failure” Vijay’s fans say.