Vijay Deverakonda Fans 'Athi' on NaniA section of Vijay Deverakonda’s fans and Nani’s fans always tend to take a swing at each other. Now, the talk on social media is that Vijay Deverakonda’s fans are showing ‘Athi’ on Nani.

Vijay’s fans are sharing a old video of Nani funnily mocking Vijay Deverakonda on SIIMA Awards stage. They are using the video to show as if Vijay Deverakonda was in a stage of being mocked by Nani and now, he is bigger star than Nani.

For starters, that was probably a scripted video and moreover, it is a really old one. There’s absolutely no reason for Vijay’s fans to beef up with Nani’s fans now.

Moreover, Vijay himself is in a flop streak now. It is illogical for Vijay’s fans to mock Nani by also implying that Nani’s Ante Sundaraniki is not doing well at the box office.

Vijay’s social media fan base on social media has diluted big time and it can rejuvenate only if he can string together consecutive hits. So, there’s absolutely no point in Vijay’s fans doing unnecessary Athi on Nani.