It is a dream for many girls to meet their handsome hero Vijay Deverakonda who just knows how to woo his young fans with his mesmerizing attitude. His energy brings in the excitement to the fans and that you can see here where the event host is going gaga over the tight hug that she got from the hero.

She Priyanka Deshpande, is a known Tamil TV anchor who has also performed for a song in a Tamil film this year. Priyanka was the host for the night and when Vijay was on stage he delighted her with the sweet gesture which the girl is cherishing as she shares the picture on social media with all happiness.

Vijay Deverakonda is currently determined to bring back his blockbuster days and have a couple of potential projects under work. His immediate outing being World Famous Lover, Vijay is also busy gracing events and modeling for his own clothing brand, Rowdy where he is throwing some confused fashion goals if you know what we mean.