Vijay-Deverakonda's-Contradictory-Presence-Off-Screen‘Arjun Reddy’ has given an image to Vijay Deverakonda and despite reprising a soft role in ‘Geetha Govindam’, the Deverakonda will always be remembered for his on-screen presence in his debut blockbuster.

Talking about his off-screen behaviour, Vijay’s ‘Fighter’ heroine Ananya Pandey has got something to share with us. Unlike his furious and powerful on-screen presence, Vijay Deverakonda is soft-spoken, kind and sweet-natured in real life, says Ananya.

True. That’s what we have been getting to see in him during the ongoing Corona pandemic situation when Vijay tried to help people through his ‘Middle Class Fund’.

His interaction through videos regarding his work and later, about fake news, clearly shows Deverakonda is a guy who is down to the earth and very kind-hearted.

‘Fighter’ is going to be his first pan-Indian movie and therefore, there is a lot of curiosity around this movie and how Puri Jagannadh will make it to reach the audiences across the nation.

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