Vijay Deverakonda Anand DeverakondaVijay Deverakonda’s brother’s Dorasani Trailer managed to grab a little more attention and hope despite the low profile of the lead cast who have almost no buzz at all. Shivathmika looked fairly suited for the role as the Dorasani but Anand Deverakonda received a lot of trolls that said he ain’t any hero material and see what he says about it.

Speaking in a promotional interview, Anand spoke up if he thinks he is hero material. Saying he loves doing cinema and that is why he is here back from America and would get back to those who ask if he is a hero material if they can define what a hero is and told just like his bro not watch if they don’t want to and it is them who would miss out a good film. Anand also shared what his brother thinks of his idea to step into films and why is he away from his brother’s debut promotions?

Vijay left it to Anand saying that it is his life and his decision to choose acting as a career and it is him who has to figure out how to find a way and deal with it which is why he is not coming out on any promotions of Anand’s film.

Vijay Deverakonda even doesn’t know the story or script yet as Anand says and wants his brother to watch his film as a proud brother, not as a senior actor who pushed his film by doing the promotions. Well, that’s what he said. Let’s see how it works. The film should speaks it all.