vijay-devarakondaIf you think Vijay Deverakonda is a guy who is sorted out, VD says that he isn’t. According to his interview in Film Companion, Deverakonda says that 80% of what’s written on the internet and social media propaganda is not to be believed.

It’s not only about him but it applies to everyone says Vijay Deverakonda who sees himself as a guy for whom money doesn’t matter though it’s very important that he gets paid for the work he does. But, money doesn’t influence decision making whenever he doesn’t like the content.

By the way, according to the above-mentioned source, Vijay Deverakonda is going to take a month-long break in December. He would get time for himself, and also would be preparing for a role for one of his upcoming projects.

He is one of those actors who are ready to experiment with new talent and promote newcomers. As he can’t get to listen to all the new talent, he has a team that goes through the content of the newcomers and that finally comes to him.

By now, everyone knows that Vijay is a kind of actor who gives more than 100% for his movies and therefore, called a producers’ hero.