VD's Out and Out Wrong Pick for Pan-India?Vijay Devarakonda is being launched in Hindi with Liger. The film has been directed by Puri Jagan and Karan Johar produces it. Apart from this film, Vijay has Jana Gana Mana with Puri once again and a youthful drama with Shiva Nirvana.

Now, as per our sources, the Vijay-Shiva Nirvana film is going to be a pan-India script. If this is true, then it will be an out and out wrong pick by Vijay Devarakonda from his end says his fans.

Shiva Nirvana has only made three films to date and his recent release, Tuck Jagadish was not only a disaster but also heavily trolled film. He is a director who makes family dramas with predictable and routine subjects.

Firstly, there are doubts as to how he will showcase Vijay in his film. Upon this, news coming out that Vijay-Shiva film is a pan-India project, has put fans in a confusion as to how Shiva will justify his image.

Also, Vijay is in doubt whether to start Puri’s film or Shiva’s next in the days to come. In such a time, this pan-India idea also looks out of place. We need to see how Vijay handles this project from here on.