Vijay’s Bad Luck – Ram’s Luck- Continue with Vunnadhi Okate ZindagiThere were two films locked for release tomorrow, but it seems one might drop out again. The one that gets the boot is yet again the Vijay starrer, Adirindi.

The bad luck of Vijay, for Telugu release, continues with Adirindi as well. The movie was delayed as it is by a week and going by the latest reports. It looks like it is going to be postponed another week. The non-issuing of Censor certificate to the multiplexes is said to be the reason. Even in the case, the issue is sorted, the late opening of bookings is sure to come into effect. Now imagine if it gets a weak report, the run would be killed in opening itself.

Ram, meanwhile, is riding on the luck factor. The songs of Vunnadi Okate Zindagi have clicked again, albeit on a smaller level compared to Nenu Shailaja and also the combination with director Kishore Tirumala is helping the film get a decent advance. If there is a good talk, there will be hope for improvement in numbers.