Vigil-(Bigil),-Will-Vijay-Replace-the-Two--HeroesThis coming 27th October, Tamil mass star Vijay Ilayapathy’s ‘Bigil’ is coming to the theatres and on the same day, we’ll have the Telugu dubbing version ‘Vigil’ coming to the theatres in the Telugu States.

The Telugu poster of the movie has come out featuring Vijay in two different avatars. One character as Michael and the other as Bigil. Though several posters came out with the Tamil title, this one is the first one with the Telugu title.

Vijay’s market is gradually improving in the Telugu States and therefore, his Tamil movies are being planned for a simultaneous release in the Telugu Staes, as well. If this movie manages to entertain the audiences, this would be certainly up the ante for Vijay in Tollywood.

When Tamil heroes like Suriya and Vishal are losing their market in Telugu, Vijay seems to be taking the right steps to replace them. Let’s see if ‘Vigil’ can help him. For the time being, we say that Vijay’s ‘Vigil’ poster was good enough.