Video Used to Portray Mahesh Babu in Bad LightA particular video bite in which Teja is seen talking about the choice of Mahesh Babu is going viral only to show Mahesh Babu’s attitude in poor light. In the video, Teja is seen talking about Mahesh Babu and why he chooses directors who are in the limelight.

Every star hero is acting in one big movie in a year and they had to ensure that the movie turns out to be a blockbuster as big money would be riding on it. Not only Mahesh Babu, other star heroes except for Pawan Kalyan are banking on successful directors.

Teja too accepted the fact. He agreed that Mahesh Babu is a jovial person, a super actor with super involvement and he is correct in his own right as every actor wants to score a success. If Teja has pointed fingers at Mahesh Babu as he is the only star hero who did a film with Teja, every other hero is doing the same, these days.

Normally, directors don’t discuss these kinds of things publicly. Maybe, he expected a movie from Mahesh and was rejected due to his track record.