Suriya Condolences Mastigudi Accident Stunt Man Anil Raghav UdayThe death of two Kannada actors during the shooting of a risky sequence for the Kannada movie ‘Mastigudi’ had deeply grieved many in the film industry. Star hero Suriya was one among them who was saddened by the mishap and said, “At the age of VFX, this is unfortunate.”

Suriya advised that the safety of the crew must be taken seriously and extended his condolences to the families of the deceased. Actress Vedika and Aishwarya Dhanush too expressed their anguish terming this mishap neglected safety standards and unforgivable carelessness respectively.

A case was booked under Section-304 on the makers of the above mentioned Kannada film on the producer, the director and the stunt master for not taking proper safety measures while filming the risky stunts. The search operation is still on and the bodies of the demised actors aren’t found yet in the reservoir into which they plunged.