The last few days saw the unfortunate death of a fan at the film Baadshah’s audion launch. Responding to the ill fated incident, veteran director Dasari Narayana Rao was seen venting at the organisers of these grand events on the issue of playing with the lives of innocent fans.

The director who was present at the platinum disc function of Varun Sandesh’s ‘Priyathama Nee Vachata Kusalama’ stated that the Audio Launches of today have turned into Recording Dances. He further emphasized that he had made the decision of not attending such audio launches any further. The only events he would consider going to would be the ones that are organised in a simple and systematic manner.

Aside from that, Dasari even laid the responsibility of the incident with the heroes who neglect the small producers after scoring a single big hit as well as the lyricist who do not include pure Telugu in the lyrics of their songs.