raghavendra-rao-ill-healthDo heroines have to impress K.Raghavender Rao if she has to do a movie with him? When media asked this question, the veteran director doesn’t agree and says any heroine needn’t impress him. He reasons how the looks and glamour of a heroine are important to achieve stardom in the film industry.

He says to be an artist is different from being a star. Heroines and heroes used to feel that Raghavender Rao is capable of bringing stardom to the stars. He also takes the example of news channels where all anchors are females chosen to impress the television audiences to make news interesting rather than boring.

The veteran director how heroism can be shown in hero-centric films but not heroinism. Here glamour comes into play for his heroines and he had to show them in a way to impress audiences. Many in the industry like Superstar Krishna thought that it was possible for only Raghavender Rao to make stars. We know, KRR is popular for showing heroines in the most glamorous way, particularly in songs.