rishi kapoor and ranbir kapoorWith the outspoken and no holds barred nature that veteran actor Rishi Kapoor possesses he has become a centre of attraction ever since he returned on micro-blogging site Twitter. He is making all the noise which is exploding in all directions be it positive or negative.

Recently fans of his star son Ranbir Kapoor were on fire thanks to his outspoken nature. It is but natural for fans of the current generation star to ask about their favourite star to anyone who is remotely close to him. So how could they stop asking about Ranbir when his father himself has such big presence? This caused great irritation to father Rishi Kapoor who in retaliation said that he is not a post bag to dump questions about his son.

Well he is right in way but couldn’t he have simply ignored those queries? Guess, it’s this forehand anticipation that made the son feel the need to have his father censored before he posted anything. He wouldn’t want himself to be embarrassed on account of his father, wouldn’t he?