Very Strange Case of Hero Not Promoting Movie, Only Options Left

Vakeel Saab‘ is releasing on 19th April and it’s important that the makers of the movie kickstart their promotions, In fact, they have started the promotional activities. However, it’s very clear that Pawan Kalyan isn’t going to sit in the promotional interviews.

He is trying to be a serious politician and it’s not his usual style to promote his movies, he never does that. Though he is trying to be seriously involved in politics, he is signing films back-to-back leading to criticism. Either this or that but he seems to be sailing on both boats together.

Going by the things happening so far, it’s understood that the heroine doesn’t have much scope in the movie to promote ‘Vakeel Saab’. So, who is left to promote it? It’s the director and the music director who need to shoulder the publicity of the movie.

This is a very strange case for Dil Raju despite having a big star playing the lead. Let’s see how they take the publicity taking from here.