Versatility and Dedication--Suriya

With a proclivity for acting, Tamil superstar Suriya has always surprised his audience with the variety in his acting career. Choosing scripts that challenge his limits, including films like ‘Sivaputrudu,’ ‘Ghajini,’ ‘Gharshana,’ ‘Surya s/o Krishnan,’ ‘Veedokkade,’ ‘Singham,’ ‘7th Sense’ and now ‘Brothers’ and carrying them out splendidly, each and every role played by the actor showcases his versatility and his dedication to his work. With these incredible talents, what Suriya brings to the table is clearly unparalled.

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In his latest movie ‘Brothers’ (‘Maattrraan’ in Tamil) directed by KV Anand, Suriya plays the role of conjoined twins which has been in making for about a year and half. Suriya clearly has very high hopes for the film and credits the team for this excellent movie. “It was great team work. Right from the CG team, action director and dance masters to the lyric writer everything was well thought out,” Said Suriya.