venu-madhav-death-rumors-tv5-cries-public-mediaThis is not the first time that comedian Venu Madhav is upset about something. Even in the past, he was furious about his so-called death rumors.

But the situation got out of hand today as he met the governer of Telangana and requested him to take action on those who are trying to malign his name in the media.

Speaking to the press Venu said that these rumors are hurting his family big time as they are getting so many phone calls everyday enquiring about his death.

Adding further Venu said his mother has become sick because of these rumors and is upset that his son’s image is tarnished in the media.

Venu had tears in his eyes and further demanded the media that he is very fit and is ready to take on any medical test to prove his fitness.

Things in the media have become so square that things are being blown down just for the sake of creating news and Venu Madhav on his behalf wants to put a full stop on this for once.