Vennela-KishoreVennela Kishore banished all of a sudden leaving his followers wondering where he is. Sushanth’s Chi La Sow which has Vennela Kishore in a vital comic role had its teaser released and all Vennela Kishore is not seen anywhere.

He is not out of the film, but he is out of the sight on social media. Vennela Kishore was known for his instant responses on his Twitter account as he was very much active on the social platform. But today, the teaser of Chi La Sow is out, where he is seen cracking fun, but Twitter misses him.

Not just the fans, surely the Chi La Sow team must be missing him too as Vennela Kishore presence would have helped the teaser to promote more blissfully with his off-screen comedy punches. Well, no idea why he had to switch off his social media activity. Hope he knows how is he being missed by his admirers and come back.