Vennela-Kishore---'Secret-Superstar'-of-Tollywood's-Hilarious-Self-CounterVennela Kishore has grown into a successful comedian of the Telugu industry. He has reached a point where his part in the films too contributed to the success of the film. But this raising actor seems to be embarrassed with the title awarded to him by Jamba Lakidi Pamba team on social media.”Meet the #SecretSuperstar in cinemas near you”, they wrote And Check out how the comedian escaped any possible troll.

Well, no offense in calling him a Secret Superstar. But, if there are any haters for him like any actor would have, their mouths would be shut with his hilarious gesture towards the title that he has been given.

“Secret Superstar! This must be the extra large and extra crispy Biscuit. Anyways, played a partially funny and partially important character in Jamba Lakidi Pamba which is releasing tomorrow. Hope you all like Swaroop”, he wrote. Well, whether or not he accepts it, he is a secret superstar who has become one of the top comedians in the industry. What say?