Mahesh Babu, Mahesh Babu phone number, Superstar Mahesh Babu phone number, Vennela Kishore Interview, Comedian Vennela Kishore Tollywood“Any time Mahesh Babu gaaru”, says comedian Vennala Kishore when asked with which hero he has cooperation and rapport, with whom he would like to act. “Mine is a one way love basically” says the comedian about his admiration for Mahesh.

Though he had done three movies with Mahesh Babu, he doesn’t have the superstar’s phone number because they don’t talk much off screen reveals Vennala Kishore, talking about his friends who ask him for Mahesh Babu’s number. Mahesh Babu always remains involved in his character while shooting, Kishore said.

“It feels good to see the way he acts and his dedication”, tells Vennela Kishore, speaking how the superstar is a director’s actor and hence asks the director to show him how to enact. “Even a small character with Mahesh will give me mileage”, is the idea of the comedian who likes Mahesh, acts with Mahesh, but doesn’t have his number.