Venky-MamaThe US premiere collections of a big star’s movie usually will be out before the day one figure of the Telugu States come out. Fans and movie enthusiasts will look forward to finding out the premiere figures from the US.

But, in the case of ‘Venky Mama‘, it would be different this time. In the US, the distributor pulled out the movie from the hourly tracking system. That implies the combined number of the premiere figures plus the first day (Friday) numbers will be out tomorrow.

‘Venky Mama’ opened to mixed talk but the reports of the opening numbers from the Telugu States might turn out to be good. Venkatesh and the combination with his nephew Chaitanya might have helped the movie to open good in the Telugu States.

The ‘Venky Mama’ figures are going to show us the scenario and what to expect in a couple of days. Watch out for our trade report tomorrow.