Venky gives budget advice for producers
Venkatesh may be one of the top heroes in the industry but he certainly knows a thing or two about production, especially budgeting because he was raised in a family surrounded by production and belongs to one of the highly successful production houses of the country.

He says that most producers don’t have a clue about budgeting and they lack proper planning to manage production cost. He said that most of the times producers end up investing more on a film than originally decided and this only impacts him or her because at the end of the day the money comes from their pockets.

Most producers are also taking too long to complete a projects and nowadays for every extra minute means an additional rupee, said Venky. He points out that a film made on a budget of INR 50 crores making INR 55 crore profit is not much of a big deal. If budgeting is done carefully then producers can save a lot of their own money.