Venkatesh’s children live a normal lifestyle - Draft

Actor Venkatesh may be a popular star in cinema, but he is a strict father at home. He is very particular about not allowing his children have any influence of cinema on them. He said that at home he wouldn’t have a single film magazines or even allow his children to watch movies. He says he wants them to have a normal lifestyle, do what they want and go wherever they please to.

Venky said that his wife takes care of his children at home. She attends to their homework while he would sign their dairies as much as possible. He said that people shouldn’t know that they are his children when they walk on streets. He had to do all that because it was his parents who are particular that their grandchildren stay away from celebrity limelight.

Venky says it’s important for his children to stay away from limelight because its for their own good. He added that it shouldn’t be confused for being strict because he does all this for their own good.