Venkatesh's-Unbelievable-Energy-Amazing-the-AudienceVenky Mama is known for positivity, and check his speech from the successful event at Guntur to know the level of positivity that the man possesses and also spreads it out as nobody else does. This is why he is the only non-controversial actor loved by everybody in the industry.

Venky Mama went on to become a good hit for the hero who came with good timing of release to entertain the family audience who welcomed the film with all love that they gave him for F2. Celebrating the success of the film at Guntur, Venkatesh’s energetic speech with unlimited positivity left the audience wooing his name all along.

Thanking the fans, especially the lady fans quoting them the actual reason behind the success of Venky Mama, Venkatesh spread out his positivity as he preached the audience to be positive, live and let live. Mentioning his noncontroversial career, Venkatesh said that all the films of all the heroes must run good, and all the fans of all the heroes must encourage every other hero as they do to him for the Telugu film industry to flourish.

That is true. We don’t see Venky’s fans in any ugly fan fight that often as we see the other biggie fans. Having had a blockbuster weekend, the film had a decent run in the weekdays.