Venkatesh DaggubatiIt is no secret that veteran star Venkatesh Daggubati is at the fag end of his career. This is exactly when his fans are hoping him to do films that enthrall them and also lay a good send off to what has been an illustrious career.

However, Venky appears to be miscalculating a lot in this crucial juncture.

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Recently, Venky came under the pump for doing an A-rated role in Rana Naidu. Not many Telugu folk could accept him playing such a bold and uncharacteristic role. On top of that, Rana Naidu sequel is now officially announced, which has already irked Venky’s fans as they have to see him in such a role all over again.

The latest news is about Venky playing an insignificant role in Salman Khan’s latest release Kisi Ka Babu Kisi Ka Jaan.

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Fans are again unanimously disappointed about Venky’s character in the film.

“I don’t understand what made him accept this role. He might have good bonding with Salman but this isn’t the way he should showcase it. Doing such crappy roles in an even more crappy film while we want to see him doing vintage Venky roles in the last stage of his career is not acceptable” an anguished fan of Venky tweeted.

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At the same time, fans are hopeful that Venky will regain lost ground with Saindhav which is directed by Sailesh Kolanu of Hit and HIT 2 fame. This film is a thriller and moreover, Sailesh is a fanboy of Venky. So the hopes are now on this film.