Venkatesh Son, Arjun Daggubati Spotted in BackgroundRana Daggubati’s adorable pics from his engagement have now become the favourites on Twitter with the star’s followers sharing them along with greetings. To their surprise, they could locate another Daggubati scion.

Venkatesh‘s son, Arjun Daggubati was spotted in one of the engagement photos. The guy has grown very tall like Rana and looking very handsome with newly-growing beard and moustache in the profile pose that we’ve got to see in that pic.

Venkatesh’s fans are busy cropping the engagement pic to get a better glimpse at Arjun’s photo. He is all grown up. Earlier, when he as spotted at the movie launch event of Pawan Kalyan and Venky starter ‘Gopala Gopala’, Arjun was just a child.

Now, he is grown up and the latest picture glimpse from Rana’s engagement ic background is like a celebration for Venky’s die-hard fans who are already dreaming about Arjun and his aspirations as an actor.