Venkatesh-DaggubatiVenkatesh has always maintained a calm and non-controversial career in the film industry. He was also not seen being political at any instance. But Rana, for doing the role of Chandrababu in NTR biopic is seen talking high about the AP CM. Now, this got them into political fuzz by their own fans.

Fans started to make political remarks supporting a particular party tagging the names of the heroes and using their pictures for such posts. Owing to that, Venkatesh-Rana fans association has written a request to the fans of both heroes asking them not to make them political when they are not.

The letter asked the fans not to mention the heroes’ names or put up the pictures of the heroes while making any political statements or posts on social media. They wrote that their heroes have never asked to support any political party and that they should be happy as they are with their admiration for the actors in terms of cinema but favor for a political party is a personal choice and that shouldn’t break the unity of the Victory fans. Well, the letter has a point not to create unnecessary political tags for the heroes.