Venkatesh-Asuran-Telugu-RemakeActors who have achieved a certain stature as performers have their personal interests to do something memorable so that their inner urge as a performer is satisfied. That’s what reflected in Venkatesh’s words when he replied about doing ‘Asuran’ remake.

In one of the interactions, the anchor expressed doubt asking Venkatesh what if the Telugu remake of ‘Asuran’ does not work at the box-office as many viewers had already watched the Tamil version of the movie on Amazon Prime.

Venky said that he did entertainers like ‘F2: Fun & Frustration’ and ‘Venky Mama‘ for his fans’ satisfaction and is going to do ‘Asuran’ remake for his personal satisfaction. That’s enough to say that Venky was inspired deeply to play Dhanush’s role as it might have impressed him as an actor.

Nonetheless, a Tamil movie streaming on digital platforms may not be a threat for the Telugu viewers and when a star like Venkatesh takes up a remake, his success rate with remakes is comparatively very high, right?