Venkatesh-Naarappa's-Leaked-Videos-Raising-the-HypeVictory Venkatesh’s ‘Narappa‘, the Telugu remake of critically acclaimed Dhanush’s Tamil movie ‘Asuran’ has been reaping richly from social media buzz. The first look poster has caught the attention of social media users like never before for Venkatesh’s movie.

It’s the first time that after the social media launch, the buzz on the movie is creating hype with the leaked videos from Pattabhirama Temple, Kalyan Durgam in Hampi. A few crucial scenes on Venkatesh as Narappa were shot in the popular temple.

Before the launch of this remake, there had been an opinion that it would be tough for Venkatesh to recreate the magic that the original created and also repeat a stellar performance like Dhanush’s performance.

Now, the leaked videos are enough to say that Venkatesh is going to give something really cherishable for his fans if the director got the true pulse of the story and caught the soul of the story in the right place.