Director Venkatesh Maha ApologyVenkatesh Maha‘s controversial remarks on KGF 2 were everywhere on the web on Monday. The director got carried away completely and abused KGF character with inappropriate language and also landed other directors who cheered him into trouble.

Towards the end of the day, the director issued a clarification which did not sound honest at all. The director says he regrets the language he used but is not taking back his opinion about the film.

The explanation did not sound anything sincere or regret. Even though he says he regrets his language, it does not appear he actually means.

It just feels like he is not even in a mood to explain or apologize. An apology should put an end to a controversy, but it looks there is no such intention.

We can see his body language and language reeking attitude in the video explanation.

Regarding the portion of not taking back the opinion, Venkatesh Maha should have shown his heroism by making such comments on a Telugu star film or a hero or a director.

Audience will cherish the heroism of heroes on screen but if directors show the same heroism off-screen, we have seen several bad examples in the past.

By not apologising properly and by not giving it a proper closure, he is only troubling other directors involved as it will continue to trigger more debates.