Venkatesh Maha ControversyThere’s a burning controversy pertaining to Telugu cinema now. Director Venkatesh Maha has made a series of controversial statements. He called KGF a Neech Kameen Kutthe film and added directors like him can make far better commercial films at will. He went on to belittle commercial cinema in a very controversial manner.

While Venkatesh was the one who made these comments, the brunt of this huge controversy will also have to be faced by Nandini Reddy, Mohankrishna Indraganti, and Vivek Athreya who were seen cheering for Venkatesh’s controversial comments in the interview.

There’s a whole lot of backlash on these filmmakers for cheering these cheap comments while claiming they’re in a different league. Online Junta will hunt the filmmakers for sometime going forward. Their films will come under hammer due to this episode.

The first to face the fire will be Nandini Reddy who has Anni Manchi Sakunamule up for release in May. This will be immediate next release of the directors who took part in this controversial interview. And it’s sure to face stern scrutiny on social media after all the trash talk Venkatesh did and how Nandini cheered.

Nandini felt the degree of criticism already and she apologised for the same but that shouldn’t be enough after all the bad publicity she and other attendees got for their sly remarks.

Then there’s this Mohankrishna Indraganti who speaks about philosophy and way of life for hours together. But he too was seen calling out commercial cinema and enjoying Venkatesh Maha’s comments. Netizens are calling out his audacity to make such comments after doing films like V and Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali.

Vivek Athreya who’s last film Ante Sundaraniki got mixed reports and still spurs a debate on social media so as to its merits and demerits is also in firing line now. He was laughing and loud while Venkatesh made cheap comments on KGF 2. All this while he is still facing criticism from a section of Nani’s fans for arrogantly defending lengthy runtime of Ante Sundaraniki which acted as principal reason for its failure. He’s still of the opinion that what he did is right even after seeing the public’s verdict.

While all these directors will have to face a tough time ahead for their unnecessarily provocative statements on others films, Nandini will be the first one to face full wrath as she awaits Anni Manchi Sakunamule.