Venkatesh Is Kamma! Upper Caste!! So What?Victory Venkatesh’s Narappa has released last night on Amazon Prime Video and is cruising with excellent word of mouth. Venkatesh’s performance particularly in the old character is being applauded by everyone. The actor has excelled in a character that is so intense and emotionally driven.

However, there is one scene that is being discussed all over social media. Narappa touches the feat of every family in a caste to save his son, Munikanna from a police case. Being a big star, everyone expected Venkatesh not to do that scene.

They have expected the makers to replace it with something. But the scene is present in the movie and Venkatesh rocked in it. It has come as a surprise and is also the testimony of how the Superstar earnestly wanted to do the film without damaging its soul. The actor should be appreciated for it.

There are people who used to say it is not right to portray an Upper Caste hero (Kamma) in a film like Asuran (Not sure about Dhanush’s though). Some used to link him to the Karamchedu incident and say he should not do the film. Venkatesh has proved them all wrong. An Upper Caste hero playing a lower-caste man sends an even better message.