Venkatesh-Fan's-Foot-Pilgrimage-Goes-AstrayInspired by the foot pilgrimages taken by the fans of other star heroes, one of Venkatesh’s die-hard fans, Srinivas walked from his village Buddaram near Tandur to Hyderabad to meet Venkatesh at Ramanaidu studios.

Previously, Srinivas came to Hyderabad to meet Venkatesh a couple of times, but he couldn’t meet the star. So, inspired by what the fans of other heroes have been doing, he took this foot pilgrimage so that he would be noticed.

He was noticed for sure but, he couldn’t meet Venkatesh who has been away from Hyderabad due to the shooting of his film ‘Narappa’. So, the people at the studios gave him assurance that Srinivas would be informed when Venky returns home.

This die-hard fan claims that he celebrates his favourite star’s birthday every year and has been his big fan since ‘Jayam Manadera’. He wanted to meet Venky in the hope that the star would help him to get some employment for himself.