The next big film of Daggubati Rana which will hit silver screens in Telugu is Rudramadevi. The film has Anushka in title role but it also has Rana playing an important part in it that of Prince Chalukya Veerabhadra. Reportedly even couple of duets too has been picturized on him and Anushka making him almost a parallel lead. The success of the film therefore is important to him and keeping the budget in mind to the makers as well. It was thus decided that a Sankranthi release would be the best possible time to bring to the audience. This is where Venkatesh comes into picture.

When the makers had initially thought of Sankranthi release as an option, there was no Venkatesh movie slated to release then. His film Gopala Gopala was planned as a Dushera or Deewali release back then. Later we all know how the film got postponed and now it’s a Sankranthi 2015 release on January 14. With Venkatesh’s film confirmed now the unit of Rudramadevi team had no choice but to keep gap with it as it would be unwise to release two films with stars from same family very close to each other.

Rudramadevi, as of today, is being set up for a December 19 release. Given the uncertainty with release dates in Telugu film industry, one should take it with a pinch of salt though. Most of the big budget films would like to have a Sankranthi release as first preference, so you never know there could be a twist in the last minute.