Venkatesh showed a nice gesture again by encouraging fresh talent like Viva Harsha who is popular among netizens with his short film titled ‘Viva’. Recently released Masala promo where Harsha interviewing Venkatesh came out as a laugh buster. Venkatesh speaks hilarious butler English in this promotional video which is also his role in the movie. Some of his funny English dialogues are “Your stomach eating grass or rice?, Better late than fever, Half Donkey, Day and night I kicked the dust to name a few. Below video is a sample of the comedy we can expect out of ‘Masala’ as the movie is filled with several funny dialogues like these. Masala features young hero Ram and Venkatesh, directed by Vijaya Bhaskar who earlier delivered comedy hit Nuvvu Naaku Nachav with Venkatesh. We think below promo idea will help the movie with online promotion, do you think so too?


Viva Harsha with M9News