Actor Venkatesh who has now moved onto doing multistarrers says that he will be doing solo hero projects as well along with these multistarrers. He says he will keep a fine balance between the two and goes onto thank the fans for being so accepting. And when it came to fans Venkatesh had some very nice words to say about the current generation stars. Venkatesh said that stars today have distinct personalities of their own along with having an envious and loyal fan following which stays with them through their ups and down.

The fans are so loyal that the stars today can bounce back easily and hit the top with just one right film after few setbacks. So when fans are so loyal, Venkatesh says that, the stars should not be afraid to take risks. Today’s stars need to work with new directors, encourage creative ideas and subjects. This would expand the market of Telugu cinema as a result, the actor feels. He is right with this observation isn’t he?