Venkatesh Adds Fun N Frustration To Sankranthi 2022Sankranthi 2022 is getting bigger and bigger, and how. As it is, three biggies are locked, and now a fourth one too is confirmed. It is sure to add more fun to the competition and a lot of frustration to distributors to get the proper theatre sharing.

Victory Venkatesh at the success of Narappa, has revealed that F3 will arrive for Sankranthi 2022. He said this as an assurance to fans who missed watching him on the big screen with Narappa. Since they are also not going to get Drishyam 2 in cinemas, he made those remarks.

What it means is that Sankranthi 2022 will be the most crowded affair in a long –long time in Telugu cinema. Three biggies itself is a huge deal, and now we have the fourth one. Many assumed initially that F3 wouldn’t arrive amidst those biggies, but it looks like they don’t mind the competition.

It also makes one think if team F3 has inside knowledge related to the release of other movies. Could its arrival mean one of the biggies not making on the announced time? Otherwise, it would be challenging to adjust screens to these biggies, for sure.

Whatever may be the final deal, the announcement by Venkatesh has undoubtedly added more buzz to the already fired up expectations on these movies. We can’t wait to see how things transpire further and if they all end up coming together for the festival?