Veera_Simha_Reddy_USAThe Telugu crowd in a cinema theater is a completely different breed altogether. We often see wild celebrations by Telugu fans in theaters screening star hero films. This culture has sneaked into US theaters now.

Incidentally, the screening of Veera Simha Reddy at a cinema hall in the USA was halted abruptly today and here’s the reason why.

The theater management, of this as-yet unidentified theater, stopped the screening of Balakrishna’s Veera Simha Reddy due to the wild atmosphere that was building inside of it.

In a viral video, we see a theater representative lecturing fans about how he had never experienced such a fiasco before.

He is seen pointing towards the papers that were thrown inside for celebrations and says that is unacceptable. We also see a police officer instructing the crowd to leave the venue in wake of what happened earlier.

While throwing papers and shouting wildly is a common tradition in Indian theaters, the same is not accepted in the U.S. This is becoming an increasingly frustrating scenario for theaters screening Telugu films in the U.S.