Varun Tej, son of Nagababu, is making his debut with a movie in the direction of Srikanth Addala. The film even before its launch was rumored to be named as Gollabhama. However when the film was launched no title was announced neither the earlier title confirmed. But looks like the title of the film has been fixed by the unit or at least within the unit they have title while working that has still not been made official.

It is nothing but Gollabhama, which was rumored when the project came into being at the very start. It is heroine Pooja Hegde who has made the title public though. Will they stick to it at the end too is something we have to wait and see. The shooting of the film is currently progressing at rapid pace in Godavari regions. The film is planned to have a release for Dussera festival later in the year.