Varun-Tej-Taking-Extra-Leap-with-Boxing-Star-Neeraj-GoyatTo give credibility to the role one is reprising in a movie, especially, when it is a sports film, it’s very important the actor behaves the character. Varun Tej took that extra leap for the character he will be seen reprising in his upcoming movie ‘Ghani’.

This is the latest pic shared by the celebrity Indian boxer Neeraj Goyat after a training session with Varun Tej. One look at the pic tells how much effort he has been putting in to get into the skin of the character. By the looks of his training skills, Varun Tej’s boxing training is going on like the training of a real boxer.

So, their chat session after the training got us a candid pic showing how committed is Varun Tej is to his movies. The title of the movie ‘Ghani’ has already caught the attention of the cine-goers. This Kiran Korrapati directorial will be seen in the theatres on 30th July.