Varun Tej Agrees Dhruva's Slow RunFor the kind of subject it has turned out to be and the performances of all the lead actors and supporting cast, ‘Dhruva’ should have been a bigger blockbuster if not for the spoilsport played by the demonetization.

Ram Charan’s cousin Varun Tej agrees on the initial slow run of ‘Dhruva’ because of demonetization. This cash crunch has affected many a film badly and ‘Dhruva’ is no exception. People are finding it difficult to spend money even for basic needs and spending money on a film isn’t on the list of many middle-class families.

While this is the case in the domestic market, the weather conditions are playing big spoilsport in overseas market lowering the overall collections of the movie. In the second week, there is no competition for ‘Dhruva’ from the movies released this Friday. But, ill luck is playing it’s part big way.