The film Priyathama Neevachata kusalama which stars young actors Varun Sandesh, Haasika and Komal Jha in the lead hit the screens today. The film is based on the story of Varun who is an easy going guy with her eyes set on Preethi. The trials faced by Varun on his goal of wooing Preethi and his experiences as such forms the rest of the movie.

The major turn-offs about the movie included Komal Jha’s acting which fell flat. The lack of basic comedy as well as the presence of a clichéd plot was also against the favour of the film. Furthermore, the romantic tracks included in the film fail to impress and at times, the scenes of romance feel forced and dragged out.

However, even though the film tuned out to be pretty standard fare, it did impress the audience with its youthful entertainment and edgy climax.