Varun dawan dance up side downPopular Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan of ‘ABCD 2’ fame is making headlines because of his dedication towards upcoming movie ‘Dhishoom’. The fairly new actor, who showed his brilliant acting as a spoiled chocolate boy in ‘Student Of The Year’ and as brutish revenge seeker in ‘Badlapur’, will be next seen in another action flick directed by brother Rohit Dhawan.

Titled ‘Dhishoom’, the name pretty much says it all, the actor will be in rough and tough role and stunts are a major part of it. Apparently, the actor hung himself upside down for more than seven hours to perfect a particular stunt. Dhawan, who will be working with John Abraham, a well-known actor known for bike stunts skills, will have several scenes with him doing a collaboration of some unique stunts.

A source tells media that the exceptionally difficult stunt that Dhawan was working on could affect his blood flow and cause dizziness and to keep that in check, a doctor present on set.