Teaser Talk: Arjun Reddy With A School Boy AttitudeThe Tamil trailer of the remake of Telugu Arjun Reddy is out. The movie titled Varma marks the debut of actor Vikram’s son, Dhruva.

Any film can be remade, there is no restriction to that, but some movie creates such an impact that it is hard to take the original actor out of mind. Arjun Reddy is that kind of film where Vijay Deverakonda’s act is imprinted in our minds. No matter how much one tries to undo that while watching Varma’s teaser, it can’t happen, and that is the biggest failure of Varma. It doesn’t mean the remake can’t be a success, but it won’t be that impactful outing the makers might be hoping it to be.

Dhruv looks like a schoolboy in looks and maturity on screen, and the same scenes lack the attitude of the original as a result. It is the most significant problem. Maybe the same wouldn’t be true with a mature looking actor acting tough. Just growing facing hair doesn’t make one a man, that attitude and arrogance are missing, for now.