Varalakshmi Sharat Kumar' Kidnap Went AwryWhen we come to know someone is kidnapped, we naturally feel concerned about the safety of the person concerned. But, when someone plays a kidnap joke just for publicity to promote their upcoming movie, will they be spared by the social media users?

Coming to the point, a pic in which young Tamil actress Varalakshmi Sharat Kumar is seen tied to a cot went viral on the internet and also caused a lot of anxiety among her fans. Later, the actress gave clarity that it was a pic from her upcoming movie in which she eventually gets kidnapped.

So, this is just a promotional stunt by the film’s team, planned without the knowledge of the actress. Though she said she was fine, the social media users were red with anger and hence tagged this publicity stunt as one of the cheapest strategies. How come kidnap become an object of publicity? Sad!