Vamshi PaidipallyVijay’s Thalapathy Varisu/Vaarasudu is doing decent business, despite mixed response, mainly due to the festival factor. Director Vamsi Paidipally recently gave an interview to a channel where he fired on people who thrashed his film as a TV serial.

Vamsi Paidipally said, “Do the people know how difficult it is to make a film? How many sacrifices do we have to make as a filmmaker? Even to this day, Vijay sir comes to dialogue rehearsals. And why do you always keep insulting TV serials? Don’t degrade them which give entertainment to many households.”

Hits and flops are normal in the film industry, and the public’s reception varies on many occasions. Directors should realize their mistakes and not repeat them in future films.

It’s wrong to expect that people will appreciate your film just because you have put some effort into making it.

The public nowadays is ruthless and respects only good films, irrespective of the efforts the makers put in. No one is bigger than the film itself. The director gets crores of rupees to make a good film. So it becomes his minimum responsibility to deliver a good film so that the viewer has a good time at the theater. The director isn’t doing any favor by making a film; on the contrary, it’s the audience who is doing a favor by coming to watch his movie in a cinema hall.

Vamsi Paidipally’s pointless and senseless frustration is only inviting more trolls to him.