VakeelSaab - Pawan KalyanOne by one, the promo material of Pawan Kalyan’s next release ‘Vakeel Saab’ are coming out and what’s leaving people surprised is the absence of the female leads in the promos. The movie is based on a women-centric script ‘Pink’ that turned out to be a blockbuster.

Despite the loud criticism that the makers are ignoring the females who are pivotal to the plot of the movie that’s based on the consent of the females, they continue to ignore that criticism and release material focusing on Pawan Kalyan.

For the commercial perspectives of the movie, Pawan Kalyan is the saviour and no doubt in that. However, one would expect that the plot of the movie also gets enough weightage as such concept-based movies can’t just be clouded with pure entertainment.

This kind of strategy ignoring the pivotal female actors might send a wrong message into the common audiences who may think that it’s a regular commercial entertainer from Pawan Kalyan.

Dealing with a serious subject might be impactful only when the message goes strongly into the audiences regarding their expectations and not faltering based on the expectations formed by the stardom of the hero. What do you think, folks?