Vakeel Saab Pawan Kalyan- Anjali-Nivetha ThomasA new poster from Vakeel Saab is out on the occasion of Women’s Day. It is, without any doubt, the poorest one to come out from the makers. Its impact is felt more as it comes on Women’s Day. It makes one wonder if the makers have lost the mind or are taking a negative route for publicity.

Right from the title to the latest Women’s Day poster, the entire publicity related to Vakeel Saab is a misfire. Only the two songs, especially the first one –‘Maguva Maguva’ is the movie’s sole highlight so far.

Usually, it wouldn’t be the case, but it is for Vakeel Saab because of its subject. It is a female-oriented movie. The core content and message is all about the ladies. Publicising such a film as a regular commercial star-centric fare is where the unit is going wrong. It is why it is also drawing the ire of the movie-going public.

The ‘star power’ will come into effect anyway. One can’t take out the fact that it is a Pawan Kalyan film. Trusting the star power and balancing it with content would have been enough, considering the ‘strong subject’ at hands.

But, then again, the niche content seems to be the fear and the selling price Vakeel Saab is attracting due to the presence of Pawan Kalyan. It is a tricky situation, and so far, the makers of Vakeel Saab have erred on the wrong side. Let’s see if things get better in the coming weeks leading to the release.