Pawan Kalyan _ Vakeel SaabSo, it all has begun for Telugu cinema. The releases are well spaced out, and even if, in competition, enough space is given to flourish. All the biggies, barring one, have the release date announced. Among the one’s out, Vakeel Saab is the first biggie to hit the cinemas.

When the release dates are out, naturally the business too would begin. We already hear some crazy numbers for the upcoming biggies like Acharya, Radhe Shyam and Pushpa in 2021. Unfortunately, the Pawan Kalyan starrer Vakeel Saab is not among them.

Vakeel Saab is not getting the fancy prices from the distributors like other film mentioned-above. The offers it is getting are not in the league of those biggies, for sure.

Could this be the effect of the previous disappointments from Pawan Kalyan? Well, luckily, that doesn’t seem to be the case. When it comes to Vakeel Saab, many are aware that it is a remake. People also know the content it offers. It is despite the makers visibly trying to focus on Pawan Kalyan and the mass appeal.

If it is indeed the case, it means better sense has prevailed among the buyers. A subject like Pink (the original of Vakeel Saab) has limited appeal to the Telugu cinema. The makers too feel the same and hence the changes. But, it has resulted in negativity, especially online.

Vakeel Saab could emerge a success if word of mouth is strong, and the breakeven target is less. It is okay if it’s done according to the subject and not by what a regular Powerstar Pawan Kalyan movie might do.

Venu Sriram directs Vakeel Saab. Dil Raju produces the film. S Thaman provides the music. The second single from the album will be out soon. Vakeel Saab will hit cinemas on April 9th.