Srinu Vaitla, one of the top directors of Tollywood has beeline of stars who want to do movies with him. His comic timing and the unique comedy tracts he conceives for his movie have become his USP and hence it is mostly a safe bet for heroes to do a movie in his direction. Nevertheless, Vaitla couldn’t give a hit to megastar Chiranjeevi. ‘Andari Vaadu’ disappointed Chiru’s fans very much.

As per the available information, Ram Charan’s next movie would be with Srinu Vaitla. Hence Vaitla would be under immense pressure to deliver superhit movie invariably. If anything turns out unexpected or if he couldn’t satisfy mega fans this time, they would never forgive him ever. According to the grapevine, Srinu Vaitla is very concerned and hence want to see that he delivers a successful movie with Cherry atleast.

But if he is going to use the routine formula with punch one liners, spoofs and Brahmi’s comedy, then his repetitiveness might bore the audience. Already, they had enough of his spoofs and routine comedy and the signs are clearly showing in the reviews and after release reports of ‘Aagadu’. It is Superstar Mahesh’s charishma that has saved him this time. Hope he takes the next project with vengeance and comes out with something new this time.